The Krakow Diaries

75 days in Krakow. On a literary grant from the German Kulturstiftung der Länder. In the Guesthouse of the 16th century Villa Decius, with 10 other writers from Poland, Germany, Belarussia, Ukraine and Georgia. Beautiful city. Nice Krakovians. Fun nightlife. Beautiful women. And in the guesthouse: Meetings of the minds. Too much vodka. Good friends. One of the great pleasures of my life.

Day #56: Saturday, Nov. 11: Razzy Dazzy

The service isn't all that great, the cocktail menu is about 400 pages but has no whisky sour, the jazz band kept playing the same song in about a thousand different versions and you have the vague feeling of a tourist trap...
But I still loved the Razzy Dazzy Jazz Club, which Dominique and I visited with Katja (who snapped these photos). The tables have lamps, and they are set up on terraces that decline toward the stage, with a huge bar in the back and a balcony (where we sat, looking down).
It looks like the Cotton Club or one of those Jazz clubs in the old movies, where Benny Goodman or Billie Holiday played. One of those classic places that just don’t exist anymore. Ah, but they exist in Krakow, don’t they?


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