The Krakow Diaries

75 days in Krakow. On a literary grant from the German Kulturstiftung der Länder. In the Guesthouse of the 16th century Villa Decius, with 10 other writers from Poland, Germany, Belarussia, Ukraine and Georgia. Beautiful city. Nice Krakovians. Fun nightlife. Beautiful women. And in the guesthouse: Meetings of the minds. Too much vodka. Good friends. One of the great pleasures of my life.

Day #45: Tuesday, Oct. 31: All of Krakow in a Litfaßsäule

Look at it closely. At the bottom you see a new film about none other than – yes, you guessed it – Pope John Paul II. I.e.: Religious tradition. In the middle you have an ad for Da Vinci's "Woman with an Ermine," Krakow's most famous art treasure. I.e.: tourism. And at the top you have what is clearly some kind of ironical poster for a cabaret or something like that: In German (and English), but in a way that every one can understand it, and sarcastic too. I.e.: Intellectualism and irony.


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